• Ideas for Creating Personality in a Room With Window Treatments

    The window treatments you choose for a room can help create style and personality in the space, while also giving you the control needed over the light that filters into the room. This is why you should never settle for bland and dull curtain panels or everyday vinyl shades! If you want to create some personality in your home with window treatments, note a few tips and ideas for how to do this.
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  • Terminology to Learn When You're Ready to Shop for New Shutters

    New shutters can be a great choice for any home, as interior shutters can be more compact than billowy drapes and blinds, so they don't make a space feel crowded. They may also give you more control over the light and air circulation you have in a room, as you can open different sections as needed. Exterior shutters can add style to your home and also offer some protection for your home's windows during storms.
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  • Blind Operating Systems Explained

    There are various ways in which blinds can be operated and most of them are reasonably easy to get to grips with. Understanding the various mechanisms can be beneficial if you are in the process of choosing a new blind for your home, for example selecting between indoor roller blinds, Venetian blinds or Roman-style blinds. It is also advantageous to have some knowledge of your operating system if yours gets jammed in some way and you are attempting to resolve the problem yourself.
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