Ideas for Creating Personality in a Room With Window Treatments

Posted on: 27 October 2017

The window treatments you choose for a room can help create style and personality in the space, while also giving you the control needed over the light that filters into the room. This is why you should never settle for bland and dull curtain panels or everyday vinyl shades! If you want to create some personality in your home with window treatments, note a few tips and ideas for how to do this.


Plain curtain panels or plain blinds can seem a bit bland, but if you layer window treatments, your windows then will have added depth and style. You might layer sets of curtains themselves; solid fabric panels over sheer panels can add depth and softness without the curtains looking too busy or overpowering. Being able to close the sheers can also mean controlling the sunlight that gets into the room without closing the curtains themselves. You can also layer curtains over blinds; add bamboo blinds for some wood tones and then soft panels over this, to keep the blinds from seeming too harsh and bare. This also adds some separation between the blinds and timber floors you might have in the home.

Fabric blinds

Fabric blinds can soften a space while giving you maximum control over the light in the room, as you can open or close the blind slats as needed. If the room seems a bit cold and impersonal, opt for a very warm, dark canvas or wool fabric. If the room has dark timber floors, choose a lighter cotton fabric in a soft and cool colour for contrast.

Bold colours

Since curtains, blinds, and shades come in any variety of colours, you might try something very bold and eye-catching. This can go against your instinct, as many people opt for neutral curtain colours and for blinds and shades with no colour, but a bold window treatment can brighten up any space. If your home has modern decor, with lots of metal and glass, choose a canary yellow or cobalt blue set of curtain panels, or black wood blinds. If your home is very traditional, with warm wood and sandy brown carpeting, opt for plaid curtains in a stark brown and white colour pattern. You might also choose a rich brown or even dark orange set of wood blinds that you layer with those plaid curtains. This will ensure those window treatments stand out and add personality to the space.