Benefits Of Installing Shutters In Your Home

Posted on: 28 August 2019

If you're looking at various window coverings for your home, you'll have come across several possibilities. One option is to install shutters. Not only will they add a distinctive decorative feature, but they'll also provide a range of functional benefits. Here are some advantages in more detail. 

Offers Control Over Light And Privacy

With curtains and blinds, you can either pull them open or closed, which limits your control over light and privacy. Shutters, however, allow for precise adjustments; you can angle them in various ways to achieve different effects. Arrange them to capture the direct sun, or to filter the light. Alternatively, angle them either upwards or downwards to create privacy while letting in daylight.

Creates A More Energy-Efficient Home

Shutters can also increase the energy efficiency of your home. Sun blazing through windows heats indoor air. As well, once direct radiation hits surfaces, such as flooring and furnishings, it heats those elements, which release further warmth into the room. Closed shutters, though, reflect UV solar rays to maintain a cool and comfortable home. As your air conditioner works less, you'll save on energy costs. During winter, closed shutters will insulate your home, reducing heating costs also.

Allows Ventilation

Shutters hand you control over the wind. For a refreshing breeze, open the window and use the shutters to mediate its effect. Curtains and blinds respectively will flutter with little impact or block the breeze completely.

Presents Design Options

Shutters provide a beautiful look which you can harmonise to suit your decor by choosing between materials and colours. Pick timber, aluminium or PVC. Wood, whether painted or stained, brings warmth into the decor, and PVC is ideal for wet areas such as bathrooms and laundries. Aluminium shutters offer a range of powder-coated colours. For a sleek effect, match the shutters to the wall colour to lessen the transition between the two, or else provide contrasting accents. When installing shutters, you can choose between different frame and louvre sizes to achieve the perfect effect for your home.

Overall, as well as providing precise control over lighting and privacy, shutters help to reduce cooling and heating costs by insulating a home. Diverse design options will allow you to harmonise the window coverings with various colour schemes. Shutters also blend with a range of architectural styles, from contemporary to traditional. You can personalise their look with specific material, colour and frame and louvre sizes.