Five Steps to a Gorgeous Deco-Themed Bathroom

Posted on: 9 December 2016

There's something incredible about the art deco style, and it really lends itself to bathrooms--it was all about decorative tiles and stark colouring, after all. If you'd like to enjoy the feel of an art deco bathroom alongside all mod cons, simply read on to learn a little more about how to get there.

#1: Pick a very simple colour scheme--and stick to it absolutely.

Two of art deco's major influences--art nouveau and the Glasgow Style--are famed for their bold colours and daring palettes, and for this reason, people sometimes mistakenly assume that an art deco look needs the same mix. There are colours you can use if you'd like, of course, but art deco colours are all about contrast. The most classic deco palette you can choose is black, white and chrome. Stick religiously to these three tones in your bathroom and you can't go wrong.

#2: Choose your mirror with care, and put it centre-stage.

Everyone will instantly recognise an art deco style mirror, with its leaded glass and classic black panels arranged in a fan shape that is instantly striking. Make sure you have one of these hung centre stage in your bathroom--generally this is over the sink, but really you just want it somewhere that the eye will be drawn to it as soon as anyone enters the room.

#3: Opt for a shower screen rather than an untidy-looking curtain.

There are plenty of shower curtain designs out there, but art deco is all about clean, sharp lines, and a shower screen is far and away the best way to do that. It's true that they wouldn't have had shower screens in the 1920s, but this is an homage rather than a reproduction. Shower screens just mesh so well with the general look and ethos of an art deco styled bathroom.

#4: Put a lot of effort into making sure your tiles are right.

Tiles are massively important to the art deco style, so you're going to need to invest some time in finding the right ones. Brick-shaped tiles in a uniform black and white pattern work well on the walls, and black and white taco tiles are an excellent floor choice. You want to emphasise your colour scheme, clean lines and stark geometric shapes.

#5: Don't neglect to consider your light fitting carefully.

People seem to forget to consider how they light the rooms they decorate, but it's so important for a polished look. A dangling and almost-but-not-quite ornate light fitting in chrome is probably best for this bathroom; look out for one in a 'fisherman's lamp' style to add a bit of authenticity.