Greening Up Your Dorm Room

Posted on: 12 December 2016

There are plenty of things you get to experience for the first time at college, including decorating your own dorm room. You can really make the space your own and incorporate some environmentally friendly interior design features too. Read on for some helpful tips.

Study desk

One very important feature of your new dorm room will be your study desk. You'll spend much of your time using it, so it's important that you get something you like and that does the job you want it to do. Check out second-hand furniture stores around your college campus for used study furniture; you might find a bargain. 

Alternatively, buy locally. Sourcing your study desk from a local supplier means that you're not using any fossil fuels for transport, and you're keeping your business local, which is great for boosting the economy in your area.

Energy efficiency

You might not even be paying for the electricity bills for your dorm room, but you can still do your bit to save the planet by remembering to switch off lights and air conditioning units when you're not home. Make it a habit to hit the 'off' switch on your way out.


Choose your flooring according to where you live. If you live in a locale that's very hot during the summer months, tiles are the best option, as they keep the room cool. If you live somewhere colder, carpet and/or plenty of thick rugs are best as they act as insulators to keep the heat inside.

Wall decoration

Instead of plastering your walls with posters that will be thrown away at the end of the year, invest a small amount of money in some basic poster frames so that your artwork will last longer. When you fancy a change of décor, re-home your pictures instead of chucking them out; this will be much easier to do when they're nicely framed.

Recycle paper

You will no doubt have papers to write, and you will want to print them onto hard copy so that you can edit them more easily. Always use recycled paper and print on both sides of the page. This not only saves ink, but, over the course of a full year, it will go a long way to saving a rain forest too!

In conclusion

Being green is not difficult or expensive; it just takes a little effort and thought. Set a standard for your friends to follow and between you all you'll make a big difference, and the earth will thank you for it.