3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Mirror Free from Fog

Posted on: 19 December 2016

Have you been inconvenienced by a foggy mirror when you tried to look at your face after taking a shower? Common household products can do a good job of preventing those mirrors from fogging up. This article explains how you can do that easily.

Use Bar Soap That bar of soap that you have inside your kitchen can help to keep your bathroom mirrors free from fog. Just get a piece of bar soap and rub it gently over the surface of the mirror. That soap will create a water-resistant layer on the mirror so that any water droplets will just flow down the mirrors without causing them to fog up.

Apply Shampoo You can also use the shampoo in your bathroom to protect the bathroom mirrors from fogging up. You will need a couple of paper towels to do this. First, get a paper towel and pour some shampoo on it. Next, wipe the shampoo in the paper towel on the part of the mirror that you would like to stay clear, such as the section where your face will be as you use the mirror. Finally, pick a clean paper towel and buff the mirror so that it dries. Any shampoo that you leave to cake on the mirror will affect the clarity of that mirror when you eventually want to use it.

Prepare a Vinegar Solution A vinegar solution can also do a good job of keeping your bathroom mirrors free from fog. Mix one cup of vinegar in an equal amount of water. Use a spoon or any other tool to stir these two substances until they form a uniform mixture. You can now put the mixture into a spray bottle that will be kept in your bathroom. You can increase the potency of this solution by adding a few drops of dishwashing soap to it. Spray the vinegar solution on the mirror and wipe that mirror dry with a paper towel.

You don't need to implement the suggestions above every time you want to take a shower. Reapplication can be done after a few days when the protective layer that you applied on the mirrors has worn off. You can also buy specialty products that are formulated to keep glass free from fog for a longer time. Some of those products may be effective for almost a month, so they are a good option for busy people who lack the time to clean or maintain their bathroom mirrors frequently. Visit a bathroom supplies shop for advice about which products will suit your needs.