Comparing Interior and Exterior Shutters

Posted on: 19 December 2016

As well a blocking out sunlight, both interior and external shutters have many other functions. They can provide additional insulation in winter and ventilation in the summer. Shutters are also a good means of cutting out excessive amounts of noise. However, they are primarily chosen to offer privacy within the home as well as providing a boost to domestic security. Unfortunately, choosing whether interior or exterior shutters are right for your home is no simple matter. Both have certain benefits which the other does not. These following key features, outlined below, will help to steer you in the right direction when comparing the two types.

Interior Shutters

  • These provide the ideal interior finish for early Australian architecture in older homes.

  • Because they are protected from the weather, they are simpler to maintain and are frequently longer lasting.

  • Many interior window shutters are manufactured with adjustable louvres and these allow you to maintain complete control over the amount of light that will come in, as well as ventilation and noise levels.

  • Operable louvres are ideal for parts of Australia with warmer climates and they are ideally fitted inside, where you can reach the controls easily.

  • Tiered window shutters work well in interior settings as these shutters enable you to adjust the degree of light being admitted through the top of the window while allowing airflow through the lower section, if wanted.

  • A complete blackout can be fashioned from solid-panel internal shutters, if preferred, and this sort of shutter is not just for external use.

Exterior window shutters

  • They offer the perfect look for early 20th century buildings where external shutters were often used to provide protection from draughts.

  • These shutters afford greater protection against extreme weather conditions, such as high winds and cyclones.

  • A greater level of security is offered by exterior shutters which prevent would-be intruders from being able to tamper with window hinges, frames and locking mechanisms.

  • Exterior shutters are a deterrent and simply appear more difficult to gain unwarranted access through.

  • Available in a number of styles, exterior window shutters can be oversized, so that they cover more than just the window, if wanted, so they can be used to offer doorway protection, too.

  • They will increase the resale value of a home, which is something to consider if you are planning on selling up in the future.

  • Exterior shutters only need a new paint finish to be updated and look great with the rest of the external parts of your home.