Curtains: Considerations to Ensure They Will Not Aggravate Your Allergies

Posted on: 19 December 2016

Window treatments are a necessary aspect of your interior design. They function to not only manage the lighting in your home but also to provide you with privacy as you need it. One of the more popular options when it comes to window treatments is curtains. Although they come in an assortment of options, some homeowners tend to simply choose the first or the cheapest option that they come across. The reality of the situation is, because these furnishings are made from fabric, they may end up aggravating your allergies if you do not select the right type to suit your needs. Below are some handy considerations that you could keep in mind when making a choice of fabric for your curtains.

Consider opting for fabrics that are washable

The first consideration to have in mind when opting for fabrics that will not aggravate your allergies would be choosing furnishings that are easily washed. As such, when in search of curtains, whittle down your options by considering those that can be machine washed rather than those that specifically need hand washing. Hand washing can be quite tedious and, if you do not have the time to engage in this on a regular basis, dust mites will begin to breed in your curtains. Machine washed curtains, on the other hand, can be laundered at hot temperatures. This will ensure that the dust mites and their eggs are killed every single time they are laundered.

Consider the material of the fabric

Another consideration to have in mind when trying to prevent the exacerbation of your allergies would be the materials that the fabric is made out of. The most suitable materials that you could choose is pure cotton or fabrics made from purely synthetic fibres. In addition to this, you could also search for curtains that indicate they are specifically designed to function as allergy barriers. Materials that you should steer clear from include wool or fabric blends as these are more susceptible to attract and retain particles that are flowing in your air, which would subsequently aggravate your allergies.

Consider fabrics that can be vacuumed

Machine washing your curtains on a regular basis may not be feasible, as this would mean leaving your windows bare frequently. Therefore, it would be essential to also consider basing the purchase of your curtains depending on whether the fabrics can be vacuumed without acquiring damage. This gives you the chance to ensure that your curtains stay dust free until their next washing.