Ideas To Illuminate A Dark Kitchen

Posted on: 19 December 2016

Your kitchen could be the centre of your home; a busy space where the whole family can get together to celebrate special days or simply enjoy each other's company.  If you have a dark kitchen with little natural light, you may wonder how to brighten things up to make the room more inviting.  Here are a few ideas on how you could maximise the light in your kitchen.

How to Brighten Your Kitchen

  1. If you have a generous budget and the room design allows it, you might want to consider removing an exterior wall and replacing it with glass.  Bi-folding doors could make a great replacement for solid brick, allowing tons of light and fresh air in.  
  2. An effective way of brightening up your space is to layer your lighting.  In addition to background lighting, try incorporating spotlights on food preparation and cooking areas, and use a pendant or chandelier to light up your dining area.  
  3. A really good tactic to maximise the natural light in a room is to use glossy, all-white fittings and tiles.  Shiny, light-coloured surfaces reflect light, making the room seem much brighter.  
  4. Another really good way of bouncing light around is to use mirrors.  Mirrored kitchen splashbacks behind cookers, sinks, and countertops can really create impact and a sense of depth.  They're also extremely easy to keep clean; all you have to do is wipe away food splats and grease with a damp cloth and a solution of washing-up liquid and warm water.  
  5. If you don't fancy mirrors or too much white, why not consider coloured glass splashbacks?  You can choose a colour scheme to match your décor and the glass will still have the effect of reflecting light all around the room.  
  6. For a modern, contemporary feel that also serves as a great light booster, you could use stainless steel splashbacks.  A supersized steel splashback along a wall opposite a window will catch the light and throw out subtle reflections, making the room bright but not harshly lit.  
  7. When choosing ornaments and curios for your kitchen windowsills and table, try using glass mosaic or crackle-glazed items.  These can add interest to the space, as well as increasing the reflective, light-boosting surfaces in the room.  

In conclusion

If you are considering remodelling or redecorating your dark kitchen, you might want to consider the above tips for brightening things up.  For more information and suggestions about how incorporating splashbacks could help, have a chat with your local supplier.