Simple Tips for Improving Your Indoor Space with Roller Blinds

Posted on: 30 July 2018

Roller blinds are perfect for residential spaces because of their uncomplicated design. The clean and simple lines of this window treatment will complement most interior spaces. The blinds have no complex components which could entrap and cause injury to children and pets. Also, these windows are low maintenance coverings, and they will last a while with proper cleaning. Unfortunately, choosing the best roller blinds can be a complicated process. Here are simple tips to help you enhance your home with the right blinds.

Choose the Right Weave

You should compare the light-filtering capabilities of different roller blinds on the market before choosing the best one for your home. In general, the weave of the roller shade fabric will determine the amount of light that the covering will allow into the indoor space. If you are interested in blinds which will reduce the amount of light in your home, you should look for products with tight weaves. These types of blinds are ideal for rooms that require little light such as the entertainment space. Lighter weaves are suitable if you would like to increase the amount of light in your house.

Consider the Colours

You should choose the best roller blind colours to complement your interior design. These blinds are quite prominent and will affect the general aesthetics of the room. If the colour chosen clashes with the existing colour scheme, the room will look chaotic. You should look for a hue that works well with your painted walls. Also, you can choose patterns that match with the design of other elements in the room such as the furniture, carpeting and artwork.

Measure Your Windows

You should measure your windows with care before purchasing your indoor roller blinds. The appeal of your new window treatment will be compromised if the blinds are awkwardly fitted over the openings. You should use a steel tape measure for this task to minimise inaccuracies in the results. When measuring your windows, you should decide between inside and outside mounting. Inside mounting involves fitting the blind assembly within the framing of the window.

The design is clean and compact, but it is only suitable if the window frames have sufficient depth. Outside mounting is appropriate for most homes because it does not have stringent restrictions on measurements. You can install wider blinds to increase the impact of your windows. Also, the outside mount is more favourable if you are interested in reducing light flow. The right mounting choice will depend on your preference and the window structure.