• Five Steps to a Gorgeous Deco-Themed Bathroom

    There's something incredible about the art deco style, and it really lends itself to bathrooms--it was all about decorative tiles and stark colouring, after all. If you'd like to enjoy the feel of an art deco bathroom alongside all mod cons, simply read on to learn a little more about how to get there. #1: Pick a very simple colour scheme--and stick to it absolutely. Two of art deco's major influences--art nouveau and the Glasgow Style--are famed for their bold colours and daring palettes, and for this reason, people sometimes mistakenly assume that an art deco look needs the same mix.
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  • How to create a luxurious home interior

    If you want to create a more luxurious home interior, but aren't quite sure where to begin with this task, here are a few suggestions to help you get started. Hire an interior designer Creating an opulent home isn't just about filling up your house with designer furniture; it's about constructing a visually harmonious space, in which the right mixture of lighting, artwork and furnishings have been carefully positioned to create a coherent, balanced and beautiful overall look.
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  • Carpet & Kids—Family-Friendly Flooring Choices and What To Look For

    Children are messy creatures. If they're not tracking in mud and dirt from the backyard, they're probably spilling juice out of their new "spill-proof" sippy cup. For these reasons and so many more, buying new carpet can seem like a lose-lose situation for new families who are torn between comfort and practicality. There are several key identifiers that potential carpet customers can look out for when buying their new flooring which can ensure their home remains completely child-friendly without skimping on the comfort factor.
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